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Awareness & Appreciation

Awareness and appreciation for the diversity of wildlife around us can contribute to a life-long interest in wildlife, conservation and environmental protection.

 Beartracker's Animal Tracks Den

This site is a source of information about North American animals and their tracks. Tracking can be an exciting way to become more aware of the vast array of animals living around us. "If it moves across the ground, it leaves a track."

  Canon Envirothon

The Canon Envirothon is an annual competition for high school students throughout North America. Designed as a way to teach kids about the environment, the best teams from 47 states and and all the Canadian provinces compete at a summer play-off on a selected topic.

  Federal Junior Duck Stamp Program

Enter this stamp design contest in your state for all grade levels, K-12. Prizes include cash, and a visit to Washington D.C. for each of the National winners, a parent/guardian, and their art teacher. Free curriculum guide available upon request. Sponsored by US Fish and Wildlife.

 River of Words

An international environmental poetry and arts contest designed to nurture respect and understanding of the natural world. Grand Prize winners attend an awards ceremony in Washington, DC.

 The Aldo Leopold Foundation

Aldo Leopold is considered the father of Wildlife Management in the United States. He wrote about the importance of conserving wildlife and our natural resources over 50 years ago. His most famous work, A Sand County Almanac, has inspired millions. The foundation promotes the care of natural resources and fosters an ethical relationship between people and land by administering stewardship initiatives and research programs.

 Wildlife Viewing Areas

A regional guide to wildlife viewing areas across the United States. Detailed information about national wildlife refuges, parks and wildlife sanctuaries, by state, with maps and thorough descriptions.


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