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Project WILD became available in 1983 through the hard work and dedication of many groups including CEE, the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, and state departments of education. For a detailed look at Project WILD through the years, please visit the Project WILD Chronology page.

Project WILD is administered by the Council for Environmental Education (CEE) [formerly Western Regional Environmental Education Council, Inc. (WREEC)] and is co-sponsored with the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA). The Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies is comprised of the directors of public agencies responsible for management of wildlife in member states. WREEC was founded in 1970 in a unique and visionary effort to create a partnership between education and natural resource professionals in the 13 western states.

In 1996, WREEC officially changed its name to the Council for Environmental Education (CEE) to reflect its national network of state department of education and natural resource agency professionals. CEE's mission is to support environmental education through the management and development of environmental education programs; to publish and disseminate environmental education materials; and to facilitate the development and maintenance of partnerships for environmental education.

Agreements between these two founding sponsor organizations allow for additional sponsorship by other interested organizations and agencies. Contributions, grants, and cooperative agreements also provide support for the work of Project WILD.

The Project WILD Program Committee, CEE staff, CEE Board of Directors, and all organizational and state sponsors are dedicated to achieving the highest possible standards of professional quality, factual accuracy, and objectivity in all programs, activities, and materials bearing the Project WILD name. Project WILD has adopted policies and guidelines that state the program's commitment to neutrality on controversial issues, treating such issues fairly and honestly without advocating any particular point of view and recognizing that people need information from a variety of sources to make their own informed decisions. Project WILD programs, activities, and materials are not to be used to promote agency or organizational policies or political points of view.

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History of CEE

At its inception in 1970, CEE (originally WREEC) was comprised principally of representatives of state level departments of education and natural resource-related agencies in 13 western states. It was founded with the intent of bringing education leaders in state departments of education together with state representatives of natural resource-related agencies, principally wildlife agencies at that time. They felt that by working together they could improve environmental education.


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