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Urban and Multicultural

More of the world's population lives in urban areas than ever before. With the growth of urban areas, the cultural diversity within them has also broadened. While many issues affecting wildlife cross cultural boundaries, some affect urban wildlife and people in special ways. Here are some links particularly suited to educators working in urban areas or with multicultural groups.

Urban Special Education Leadership Collaboratives

The Urban Special Education Leadership Collaboratives is a program whose goals are to support groups engaged in environmental education in large cities to improve collaboration and effectiveness in the delivery of environmental education and ensure that educator training in urban areas keeps pace with this pressing need.

VINE Network

The Volunteer-led Investigations of Neighborhood Ecology (VINE) Program is an urban environmental education program sponsored by the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE). In VINE Programs high school students and other volunteers receive training to lead younger children in investigations of the plants, animals and ecology of their local neighborhood.

Project WILD Activities (Spanish edition)

Selected activities from the Project WILD K-12 Activity Guide and the Project WILD Aquatic Education Activity Guide are available in Spanish.

Environmental Protection, Native American Lands: A Cultural Approach to Integrated Environmental Studies. Grades 1-12, Second Edition

Developed by the Center for Indian Community Development at Humboldt State University, this 52-lesson curriculum emphasizes cultural themes to teach about waste management. Tribal leaders, educators and the public, developed the project's goals.

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