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Species Information

Many species are described in the Project WILD activities. The following links can provide you with additional information on the most common species found in the guides.

A Thousand Friends of Frogs

This project is sponsored by the Center for Global Environmental Education. The site provides information about the natural history of frogs and toads, how to keep amphibians in a classroom, and what's being done about the decline of amphibians worldwide.

Black Bear

Background information on the black bears and their habitats.

Brown and Grizzly Bear

Learn about their populations and distribution, physical characteristics, what they eat and how they live. Includes range maps.

White-tailed Deer

Background information on white-tailed deer.


EE-Link Endangered Species

Find endangered and extinct species lists, natural history information about endangered species and classroom projects, activities and curriculum.

Wild About Fish

The Division of Education at the Illinois Department of Natural Resources has links to information about fish species of the Great Lakes Region, plus links to educational materials and fish resources of interest to educators across the country.

Whale Net

An interactive education project sponsored by Wheelock College, Boston, MA with support from the National Science Foundation. Here you'll find information for students, teachers, and the general public on many species of marine mammals.

Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center

This Web site emphasizes natural resource issues and data pertinent to the North American Great Plains.


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