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Responsible Action

Action is a magic word. Students who have the opportunity to work on a local environmental action project develop life-long skills in critical thinking, problem solving and team work. Educators, too, find that implementing an action project can stimulate classroom learning.

 Taking Action: An Educators Guide to Involving Students in Environmental Action Projects

Taking Action is a collaborative effort between the Council for Environmental Education and the World Wildlife Fund. The Guide contains summaries of successful projects undertaken by groups across the country, plus detailed action plans to help you get started.

 Science and Civics: Sustaining Wildlife

Science and Civics: Sustaining Wildlife is a curriculum for high school science and social studies courses that guides students in the investigation of wildlife issues and needs. The curriculum encourages students to collaborate their findings in responsible action projects that benefit wildlife, people, and the environment.

 Corporation for National Service

Learn more about service learning programs and grant opportunities available through the Corporation's programs: AmeriCorp and Learn and Serve America. Find information about how to volunteer and take action across the nation.

 National Service-Learning Clearinghouse

Find out how to tap into various action-taking programs in your community. Learn about the Clearinghouse and then browse through its searchable database for information on service-learning events in your area, bibliographies and newsletters related to service-learning, and links to other service-learning sites.

 Student Conservation Association

Founded in 1957, the Student Conservation Association (SCA) provides young people with conservation service opportunities, outdoor leadership skills, and environmental education in parks, forests, refuges and urban green spaces in all 50 states. SCA member engage in trail construction, wildlife research, GIS mapping, education, habitat restoration and more, totaling over 1.5 million hours of service each year. SCA has more than 40,000 alumni around the world, over 60% of whom remain active in the conservation field.

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