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Project WILD K-12 Curriculum and Activity Guide

About the Guide

The Project WILD K-12 Curriculum and Activity Guide focuses on wildlife and habitat. It is organized into topic units and is based on the Project WILD conceptual framework. Because these activities are designed for integration into existing courses of study, instructors may use one or many Project WILD activities, or the entire set of activities may serve quite effectively as the basis for a course of study.

Each Project WILD activity contains all the information needed to conduct that activity including objectives, method, background information, a list of materials needed, procedures, evaluation suggestions, recommended grade levels, subject areas, duration, group size, setting, and key terms. A glossary is provided as well as an index cross-referenced by topics and skills.

 Table of Contents  

 Conceptual Framework


Sample Activity

This sample activity, "No Water Off a Duck's Back," exemplifies one of Project WILD's main goals: connecting people and wildlife. Simple and accessible, the activity helps students identify ways oil spills can adversely affect birds and describe possible negative consequences to wildlife, people, and the environment. Not only does the activity help students become aware of the wildlife we share our environment with, but it invites them to think about what we can do to protect them.

"No Water Off a Ducks Back"


How To Get Materials

The Project WILD K-12 Curriculum and Activity Guide is NOT for sale. Project WILD guides are distributed free of cost to participants at Project WILD workshops who pay a minimal workshop fee. Please see our listing of Project WILD State Coordinators to find contact information for and training workshops in your state.


Standards Correlations


Photo credit: Galveston Bay Foundation

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