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Connecting with No Child Left Behind (NCLB)

In 2004, Project WILD developed the "Project WILD: Connecting with No Child Left Behind" booklet to illustrate our commitment to educators and national education standards. In summary:

Project WILD programs and activities help improve student success through its use of scientifically sound materials, its preparation of highly qualified teachers, and its effective professional development.

All Project WILD materials use academic standards and evaluation to anchor the effort to improve student opportunities for success. Materials are correlated to state and national standards and grounded in scientifically proven instructional approaches. Project WILD activities are hands-on, inquiry-based, and emphasize cooperative learning while engaging students in thinking about underlying concepts.

Project WILD also understands that student success is dependent on well-trained teachers. Not only are teachers increasing their knowledge of academic subjects (particularly science and social studies), but student performance is given a boost from greater emphasis on higher-order thinking skills and hands-on learning activities.

Finally, workshops and educator institutes are offered across the country and throughout the year in order to continue teacher professional development. Through these sustained, intensive, classroom-focused workshops, teachers not only learn how to apply Project WILD to their subject area, but are also introduced to their state fish and wildlife agency who can provide resources, support, and advanced learning in special topics and classroom techniques.

Click here for a look at the complete "Project WILD: Connecting with No Child Left Behind" booklet. If you would like to receive a copy, please contact your Project WILD Coordinator.

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