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Show Me Wildlife

Organized by each Growing Up WILD activity, Show Me Wildlife links allow you to view an array of wildlife including insects, animals, plants and more.

Ants on Parade (pg. 12) 

Army Ants on a Raid
Army Ants March at Night
Leaf Cutter Ants

Spider Web Wonders (pg. 14) 

Garden Spider
Garden Spider Spinning Web

Looking at Leaves (pg. 16)

Looking at Fall Leaves

In a Grasshopper's World (pg. 18)

Common Field Grasshopper

Common Field Grasshopper Feeding on Grass

Photo of Lubber Grasshopper

Wiggling Worms (pg. 20)

Earthworms Moving
Earthworms Mating

What's Wild
(pg. 22)

"Creature Features"
Are Pets Left or Right Handed?

Wildlife is Everywhere (pg. 24)

Cat Diversity
Garden Wildlife


Lunch for a Bear (pg. 26)

Black Bear Hibernating
Black Bear Cubs Suckling
Brown Bear Cubs
Brown Bear with Cubs

Deep Blue Sea (pg. 28)

Deep Ocean Wildlife
Diverse Ocean Wildlife

Humpback Whale

Who Lives in a Tree (pg. 30)

Squirrel Gathering Leaves

Giant Honey Bee
Long-eared Owl Feeding its Young

Fishing Fun (pg. 32)

Atlantic Cod
Atlantic Cod Courting
Atlantic Halibut

Hiding in Plain Sight (pg. 34)

Bengal Tigers and Cubs
Arctic Fox


Grow as We Go  (pg. 38)

Baby Animals

Monarch Butterfly

Trials of a Tadpole

Backbone Bonanza (pg. 40)

Interviews with Vertebrates

Bird Beak Buffet (pg. 42)

Bald Eagle Feeding
Pelican Feeding

Terrific Turkeys (pg. 44)

Wild Turkeys Courting

Wild Turkey Males Displaying to Females

Owl Pellets (pg 46)

Barn Owl

Snowy Owl

Spotted Owl

Oh, Deer (pg. 48)

White-tail Deer in Winter
Population Dynamics

Seed Need (pg. 50)

Grey Squirrel Feeding
Sycamore Seeds Falling
Emu Eating and Spreading Seeds

Show Me the Energy! (pg. 52)

Photosynthesis at Work

Photosynthesis Song

Aqua Charades (pg. 54)


Wildlife Water Safari (pg. 56)

House Sparrows Bathing
Northern Raccoon Hunting in a Stream

Field Study Fun (pg. 58)

Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Insects Eating Sycamore Leaves

Wildlife as Symbols (pg. 60)


Bald Eagle

Less is More (pg. 62)

Kids Recycling


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